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More than a charity for the local community

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Our Mission

Somers Town Community Association is a Charity dedicated to providing cohesive, inclusive and innovative services. We strongly support empowering our community to create and spearhead an active and responsive organisation, this organisation aims to produce a meaningful and positive influence at every level of people's lives and we value community in all its diversity and work vigorously to pursue these values.


Our Strategic goals

  • Ensure the ongoing strengthening of the organisation, as an anchor in the community and focus for partnership working, reaching out to all and providing a diverse and inclusive programme of activities.

  • Create effective opportunities such as training and development pathways, including through volunteering, for our multi-cultural and diverse local community.

  • Develop an innovative, dynamic youth programme to engage and empower young people and provide them with a voice in the community, in the organisation and with wider services.

  • Support the social, health and recreational aspirations of older people by their engagement and involvement in the Association, and by promoting their independence through a wide range of services, including inter-generational activity.

  • Support children and their families by providing high quality, affordable, inclusive and accessible services.

  • Actively seek initiatives that will reinforce Somers Town Community Associations place as a community hub.


We are proud to be members of the Knowledge Quarter.



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Somers Town Community Association
150 Ossulston Street
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Registered Charity Number 292440 : Company Limited by Guarantee 1903408


Ways to support our work

People can support Somers Town Community Association in a variety of ways including, taking part in sponsored fundraising events, sending a one off donation or becoming a regular giver through a standing order.
If you wish to make a cash donation please make your cheque out to Somers Town Community Association and send to:

Somers Town Community Association
150 Ossulston Street,

If you wish to donate your time and expertise, please contact Sarah, Jill or Jodie on 020 7388 6088.


The Somers Town Community Association would not have been possible without the partnerships of several groups and organisations which can be viewed here. If  you wish to become a Partner, please get in touch with us.



Senior Staff Members

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Executive Director

Sarah Elie MBE

I joined Somers Town Community Association in 2005 at a time when the Association was undergoing a period of substantive change; the centre has subsequently spearheaded the creation of the Somers Town Job Hub, was instrumental in the setting up of the Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum, has continued to work on the regeneration of Chalton Street Market and is now the lead partner on the consortia of organisations responsible for running The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre.

I am immensely proud to have been at the helm of this much loved organisation during its transition and I look forward to overseeing the centre as it continues to grow and develop with the support of an amazing team.


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Executive Director

Jodie Allan

I left school at sixteen unsure as to what I wanted to do with my life and so I spent two years trying a myriad of different jobs, whilst working for an agency. Then at the age of eighteen, I was lucky enough to secure a civilian post withinthe Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Where I then went on to work in a variety of departments over a twenty-four year period. Including Court liaison, Criminal Justice Unit’s both crime and traffic, Witness Care, Duties, as well as more strategic roles within the Met Modernisation Programme. My last posting being as the Administrative Lead of the National Olympic and Paralympic Community Engagement Team. 

On leaving the MPS (in 2013), I decided to concentrate on my fostering and use some of my spare time to volunteer and so began volunteering at the Colchester General Hospital (within the Mary Baron day unit) and St Helena’s Hospice. In both of these roles my primary area of responsibility was to engage with the patients, especially those who didn’t get many visitors. This was an amazingly rewarding experience, as it truly taught me the value of life and how the human being in such situations will fight quiet literally for every minute of every hour of every day. Having now been working for STCA for two years I am keen to build on the excellent foundations created by my predecessors and help maintain STCA  as the community hub it has always been.

Tel: 020 7388 6088


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job hub Manager

Julia Marcus

I’ve been with STCA since 2014 when I was recruited as an Employment & Training Adviser. My role initially was to provide ongoing support to the Somers Town community, helping them with all their job related issues.

However, over time, and with the support of my wonderful colleagues at STCA and incredible team, the Job Hub grew to what it is today – a one-stop shop delivering bespoke IAG and a whole range of workshops and courses. I love working with the local community, and feel very proud that the Job Hub has supported so many residents of Somers Town in so many ways.

When I’m not sitting at my desk, you will find me running, baking cakes or arguing about football with my Arsenal supporting colleagues.

Tel: 020 7380 0453


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Early Years Manager

Jill Parry

I started at STCA as a parent volunteer around 1998 (previous career in Retail Management).

I helped out with the parent drop-ins then the playgroup and really enjoyed getting involved meeting families and working with the Early Years in general.

In 2000 I was offered the opportunity from STCA to develop my skills further, as have other colleagues that have volunteered with STCA and trained within the Early Years, this was funded with an intense college course for 2 years to study all areas of childcare including SEN and Safeguarding.

Alongside my studies I worked part-time to deliver Sure Start funded Drop-ins for families with children under 5yrs from Hopscotch and STCA for a number of years. The service developed successfully in the Somers Town area with a great deal of input from the local childminders working with many families from different religions, cultures and nationalities.

We then went on to launch other services such as Soft-play, Little Kickers, Community in Music as well as working closely with City Lit and their parent support projects each term.

In 2011-Present I took over the running of our Community Nursery with an experienced nursery staff team that continues to work in partnership with our diverse families throughout the wider Camden Borough to help and support the children through their Early Years development.

Tel: 020 7383 0382




Senior Youth worker

Jamie King

I’ve been recruited at STCA since 2009 as a Senior Youth Worker whereas before that I used to attend STCA youth club as a young person. Initially, the funding only covered my role and a team of volunteers.

Over the years, our team has developed and we now have a diverse team of youth workers. Our aim is to provide ongoing support to the young people. As I’ve grown up and lived in the area, it feels amazing to give back to my community.

They have offered me a lot growing up and I am grateful for being able to support young people to challenge issues they may face similar to the issues that I had faced when I was a young person (younger person).

When I’m not in the youth club, or at work, I spend my time with my family. I enjoy playing football regularly and socialising with my friends and messing around just as much as I do in the youth centre.

Tel: 020 7388 6088