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STCA is proud to have pulled together these amazing organisations, to deliver an exciting selection of offers for the local community to engage with and support.


FEAST stands for Feeding and Empowering All Sustainably Together. Since 2015, they have been delivering community-based services for people who are experiencing food insecurity. Each meal brings volunteers and people experiencing food insecurity together, to cook and eat as equals. These meals are made from surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away. Nutrition is at the heart of what we do and our meals are well-balanced and focused on ameliorating malnutrition.

They’re currently supporting STCA’s Warm Wednesdays, as their team of volunteers work together to cook a nutritious, tasty lunch for local residents experiencing food insecurity.  Their service allows users to come together in a warm, safe space, access a hearty community meal, and join STCA’s other wonderful activities.

Change Grow Live / Singleness Home Project

Change Grow Live is a nationwide charity predominantly providing substance misuse and criminal justice intervention projects. Single Homeless Project is a London-wide charity predominantly providing homelessness support, accommodation and intervention.

The Camden Integrated Drug & Alcohol Service is a project providing support for anyone in the borough who is wanting support with their recovery, and is run in partnership between Change Grow Live and Single Homeless Project.

The group that they deliver out of the STCA is the Weekly LGBTQIA+ Community Group, as a part of the wider group offerings from the Integrated Service. Attendees do not need to have lived experience of homelessness, substance or alcohol misuse or the criminal justice system to attend.

This is a free weekly space for anyone over the age of 18+ in the Borough of Camden to be themselves, connect with others, and to engage in a variety of different topics and activities. The content of the group is yet to be decided, as we want the attendees to shape it themselves.

It takes place at 1.15pm – 2.45pm every Tuesday in the Hall at the STCA. Attendance each week is first come first serve, and to book a space, please email

Elfrida Rathbone

Elfrida Rathbone Camden is a charity that works to support independence, empowerment and involvement in the community for disabled people, children and young people, parents and families.

Elfrida Rathbone delivers the Young People for Inclusion project at STCA. Young People for Inclusion is a youth project for 16-25 year olds who are disabled, learning disabled or neurodivergent. They organise a variety of activities with aims such as socialisation, gaining life skills and independence, youth empowerment, personal development, and supporting young disabled people to create change in the community. They run regular Friday evening sessions at STCA, For more information, please contact


Civitas Schools run after-school and Saturday classes in London, with many held in the King’s Cross area, providing very low-cost English and maths lessons to children in the local area who will benefit from extra educational support, but who do not have access to expensive private tuition. Located in the heart of the communities we serve, in local venues such as the Living Centre and the Somers Town Community Association, we offer dedicated teachers, excellent resources and small class sizes. Children’s learning often thrives in a Civitas Schools environment.   

The ethos of Civitas Schools is that all children deserve a first-class education; that any child can learn with the right support; and that no child who is behind at school needs to remain so. We help some of the children who, for a multitude of reasons, have fallen behind at school. We set high expectations of what each child we teach might achieve, helping them develop the habit of learning and endeavouring to remove barriers that inhibit their intellectual development and their future ability to fully take their place in society.

Somers Town Big Local

Somers Town Big Local, or STBL for short, is a resident-led community project, funded by Local Trust. They aim to connect with residents and local partners invested in making Somers Town a better place. They want to utilise local knowledge and empower local residents to make the most of opportunities in grantmaking, community development, training, and volunteering as well as the chance to develop leadership and program delivery skills.

They fund and provide support to Somers Town residents, groups and organisations whose ideas and projects improve the community. They launch multiple funds throughout the year open for all local residents to apply. Their funding often helps residents in testing their ideas, scale or grow their project, host events and festivities or to match any funding that they’ve worked so hard to raise!

They have an open-door policy for all Somers Town residents. You can join them at their office to enquire about support, brainstorm ideas and learn about the work they do. They are happy to be the sounding board for you in your journey of making Somers Town a better place!


Sankofa Storytelling Arts is a wellness, solution based arts company. Their interpretation of ‘Sankofa’ is loosely based on the concept of learning from past lessons or to responsibly enhance and inform our future; using the platform of expressive arts and drama.  

They deliver their weekly (estate based) expressive arts and TRA project for children from Somers Town Community Centre, which is funded by STBL and supported by Neighbourly and their team of fantastic parent volunteers. More information can be found on their website or WhatsApp: 07488253433. 

Kindle Corner

An epic organisation working closely with families and children to create a love for storytelling. Educating, empowering and inspiring the community through stories. Whilst these great sessions are being delivered, they aim to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

At Somers Town Community Centre, they deliver regular phonics / storytelling sessions every Tuesday 10-12. During these sessions, families can come and enjoy hearing stories with their super staff, snacks/lunch, and fun activities.

Think & Do

Think & Do is a Climate and Social action organisation based in Camden. They aim to continue to grow a community ecosystem that is resilient, and responsive to climate, environmental and social injustice. Think & Do will co-design and implement creative solutions to needs identified at a local level, with partners ranging from residents and local councils to schools, businesses, and the whole community.

One of their key projects is Sharing Space Eats, which works with talented local chefs to cater to events, providing delicious vegetarian food. They are thrilled that this group of chefs now has the opportunity to run a cafe at STCA. Join them every Thursday from 2nd May from 8am-4pm for a selection of planet friendly Asian bites. Whatever the weather, feel the heat at their Cholo Khā’i Cafe.

Somers Town Community Association, 150 Ossulston Street London NW1 1EE
Registered Charity number: 292440
Company Limited by Guarantee 1903408

☎ 020 7388 608

Somers Town Community Association is a Charity dedicated to providing a meaningful and positive influence at every level of people’s lives.


Somers Town Community Association, 150 Ossulston Street London NW1 1EE
Registered Charity number: 292440 Company Limited by Guarantee 1903408

☎ 020 7388 608

Somers Town Community Association is a Charity dedicated to providing a meaningful and positive influence at every level of people’s lives.

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